Vision of the Architecture and Spatial Engineering Department

The Architecture and spatial Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Science and Technology, looks forward to being a leading academic department in architectural education field , a distinguished scientific researcher at the local and international levels, and to providing a promising community service to improve the quality of life through the achievement of urban sustainability goals.


  1. Architecture and Urbanism Engineering Department:

Achieve quality and excellence through the provision of advanced, nationally and globally accredited education for the preparation of qualified architectural competencies for the development of the building, construction and building sector, and the provision of professional, community and research services that adopt the goals of sustainable development in the country.



  1. Architectural and Urban Engineering Department:
  • Provide distinguished academic scientific programs in the fields of architecture and its sciences in accordance with quality standards, academic accreditation and labor market needs.
  • Preparation of the students in the basic areas of architecture and its sciences, which qualifies them to compete in the field of professional practice.
  • Prepare students in a suitable manner for postgraduate studies and scientific research in the fields of architecture and various spatial sciences.
  • Creating a suitable environment for students so they can apply their knowledge and skills acquired in identifying the needs and problems of society and environmental, economic, social, cultural and spatial matters related to architecture and urbanization.



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Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering