Work to provide specialized and distinguished technical cadres in the chemical industry and achieve creativity, leadership, and excellence, and employ them in the service of society.


Preparation of a distinguished chemical engineer who is qualified and able to participate effectively in development plans, keep abreast of modern scientific developments and meet the needs of the labor market.


  1. Providing students with basic knowledge in the fields of chemical engineering and directing their research capabilities in the industrial field and its consequences.
  2. To improve the diverse engineering skills and abilities of students in the direction of thinking, analysis and creativity.
  3. To prepare scientifically and practically qualified engineers in a manner commensurate with the responsibilities that lie ahead in the workplace through a deep understanding of their role to be implemented in national development plans
  4. Cultivating engineering values and ethics through an integrated educational environment with engineering education and education programs.
  5. Support and joint action with universities and all institutions of society.
  6. To focus on scientific research and its essential role in serving society, solving various related scientific problems and issues and adopting them in graduation and research projects to create a spirit of creativity and teamwork, and to encourage teaching staff and students to take this aspect into consideration, while directing and supporting the possibilities and providing what is necessary to achieve this aspect.

Graduates capabilities

  1. Be able to conduct studies in them field of specialization to explore and develop chemical processes.
  2. Possess extensive knowledge in the field of specialization.
  3. Contributes to collective action and cooperates with corporate engineers.
  4. A chemical engineer has the capacity to design and develop industrial chemical processes.
  5. To respect the ethics of the profession to which he/she belongs.
  6. Enjoy sound scientific thinking and analysis.
  7. Be able to work on a team.

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Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering