Various engineering and communications engineering disciplines are considered among the most important and indispensable in all countries of the world. They focus on meeting all the different communication needs that are used in daily life, such as the Internet or phone communication, not only for this purpose but also for developing and improving the quality and performance of all the equipment that is used in the work of various media outlets.
The study of communications engineering enables students to work professionally on projects related to large communications networks. It also gives them the competence to work with major communications companies that specialize in designing and equipping communications infrastructure projects. This is not only done, but it is also necessary to familiarize students with the basics of electronic engineering, which the work of communications networks does not include.
The study focuses on networks, information technology, satellites, radar, cell phone, and other specialties that qualify him to work in many fields after graduation. Among the most prominent areas of work for communications, engineers are mobile networks, mobile and ground communications companies, radio, television, radar and airports.
The Communications Systems Engineering Department was established at the beginning of 2004. The study period is five years, during which students study various subjects in information engineering and communications systems. Covers a variety of different topics in ICT systems engineering, such as software and hardware for communication and computer networks and how they can be linked through communication systems through its security channels.
The Department grants a Bachelor of Honor degree in Communications Systems Engineering. The Department plays its primary role in preparing qualified engineers by implementing the academic programs required to obtain the Bachelor of Honor Degree. It teaches and trains students in analytical techniques, design, research and development, development of intellectual skills and engineering sense, and keeps abreast with scientific development in the fields of specialization that are considered important in the public and private universities, and among the specialties needed by the local, regional and global labor market.
In the implementation of its academic curriculum, the department adopts well-structured study plans in areas of knowledge consistent with the criteria of special accreditation and implements them using modern teaching methods supported by practical application in the department’s laboratories equipped with the equipment and devices necessary for the implementation of practical experiments. In addition to field training, the department follows up on the provision of the latest necessary scientific references, books and journals and periodically updates them.
After successfully passing the course, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in communications systems engineering. The department also provides master’s and doctorate studies in communications engineering. Postgraduate studies generally aim at expanding the study of advanced communication systems and examining the technical problems facing scientists in the field of communications. They aim to reach a practical solution that can be applied to solve these problems. Students can obtain master’s degrees and doctorates in the fields of satellite communications, optical communications, advanced network sciences, industrial control and integrated systems, and in many subjects of communications that do not end, depending on the agreement with the university professor who will follow the Master’s or Ph.D. thesis.

 Future of communications Engineering Department

There’s no doubt that this particular discipline is evolving, and every day new technologies are needed to keep up with that, and as technology enters all walks of life, it’s been so important to have a secure transmission of information, and the amount of data that are needed to be sent has increased, and we’re now in an era of everything that can be connected and communicated
We can see that communication engineering is kind of moving toward the Internet of Things, cyber security, G5 technologies, etc.
Electrical and electronics engineering Incorporate into several branches of engineering, the most prominent of which is its basic function, which is to develop all modern means of communication used in society, both wired and wireless.


The vision of the Communications Systems Engineering Department is to be an outstanding department in the fields of communications engineering at all levels; local, regional and global institutions, with a high intellectual and professional standard, thus contributing to the service of society, scientific development, and the preparation of highly qualified engineers in the field of specialization, in line with scientific developments and technologies.


The Communications Systems Engineering Department seeks to contribute to the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development, excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research, community service, number of engineers capable of creative scientific and intellectual analysis, contribution to the production, development and dissemination of knowledge, and interaction with local and international communities.


  1. Prepare distinguished competencies in the field of communication engineering capable of advancing in their professional and scientific lives and serving their country.
  2. Prepare graduates with the ability to conduct research and studies, both theoretical and applied, to serve society and participate in finding scientific solutions to its problems in the field of communication engineering.
  3. Contributing to community service and building community partnerships.
  4. The application of scientific thought, analysis and deduction techniques with a desire for continuous learning.
  5. Keep abreast of technological development and new technologies in various fields related to the engineering of communication and information systems.
  6. Promote of scientific research for students.


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Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering