The engineering college dates back to 1995 when the College of Technology Sciences was founded. It included the computer engineering and architecture and construction engineering programs in 2004.

The program also included the establishment of Communications Systems Engineering, Electronic System Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, and Medical Engineering after the promotion of the science of Technology College to the University of Science and Technology in 2007.

The College of Engineering has seven different specialized departments (after the Civil Engineering Department was established in 2010). The departments are:-

  1. Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering Department.
  2. Electronic Systems Software Engineering Department.
  3. Communications Systems Engineering Department.
  4. Medical Engineering Department.
  5. Architecture and Urbanism Engineering Department
  6. Chemical Engineering Department.
  7. Civil Engineering Department.


  1. Provide outstanding and certified academic programs that meet development and labor market needs.
  2. Develop competitive engineers at the local and international levels.
  3. Provide an attractive and stimulating work environment for faculty and researchers.
  4. Directing the scientific research system to meet development needs and create new economic opportunities.
  5. Increase partnerships with government agencies, academic institutions and industry to promote sources of support and self-financing.
  6. Improved level of human resources and facilities support services.


The College strives to achieve excellence in the field of university education and scientific research at the local levels through comprehensive quality and in an atmosphere characterized by close cooperation between the College and universities, institutions, research organizations and regions within the framework of the cultural, social and ethical values that prevail in society, and in a way that contributes to the achievement of sustainable economic, social and human development.

The College of Engineering should be a global college and a pioneer in the field of engineering education, innovative research, and knowledge society building.


  1. Provide qualified and distinguished management and leadership cadres with creative thinking capable of dealing with local and international environmental variables.
  2. Contribute to economic development and advance progress and growth by providing qualified professional cadres.
  3. Develop management, accounting and financial programs in line with the overall development of Sudan to achieve global competitive advantages.
  4. Serve the community achieved by contributing to capacity building and training of personnel, management consulting and scientific studies.

The College of Engineering offers advanced, high-quality education programs that focus on the future variables facing engineers. The College seeks to strengthen professional practice in various engineering fields and to contribute to meeting the needs of society through innovation, knowledge creation, and the transfer of engineering knowledge to the younger generations through education and scientific research, in partnership with industrial institutions and government agencies.


  1. Focus on the most important issues, and on what matters to society.
  2. Treating individuals with the respect that preserves their rights and dignity through non-discriminatory sentencing, criticism without defamation, and encouragement without reservation.
  3. The understanding of differencate, providing moral support, and encouraging creativity and innovation.


Digital Board Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering