Programming languages have been, and continue to be, the basis for application-building and problem-solving in many areas, chiefly engineering and, most importantly, electronic systems. The software industry has been linked to the development and challenges of the modern era by contributing to building the knowledge and information society, which requires the utmost attention from the state and academic institutions.

In the present era characterized by the revolution of information and globalization, the software has become a popular commodity and strategic industry, which all countries in the world seek to actively participate in and contribute to its production. Software systems are a system of mathematical and logical techniques and relations based on science and knowledge. They aim to produce software packages, systems and applications that contribute to the re-engineering of procedures and the building of data structures that can understand the need of the times to manage, organize and represent knowledge, thus paving the way for finding real solutions to today’s problems.

With the growing interest in the specialization of electronic systems engineering, and based on the goals and importance of specialization, the administration of the University of Science and Technology, represented by the College of Engineering, sought to establish the Electronic Systems Software Engineering Department. These efforts culminated in the establishment of the department in 2005, according to the several principles and objectives


Digital Board Electronic System Software Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering

Resumption of studies for all departments of the Faculty of Engineering